UEO Underwater Scooter

UEO Underwater Scooters

UEO Underwater Scooters are unarmed one man submersible propulsion vehicles used by the UEO to patrol coastal areas.

Technical Specifications

Drivers of these underwater scooters don’t need to wear masks or mouthpieces. A clear dome covers their heads and shoulders and a scuba gear attached to the front of the craft provides the required air. An underwater scooter is controlled like a bike. The driver sits on a small seat and a propeller motor moves the vehicle.


In 2021 several underwater scooters were stationed along with other submersible vehicles along the coasts of New Cape Quest. During the G.E.L.F. Uprising, rebels attacked these patrols and easily immobilized them by disconnecting their air supplies.


In the episode it was unclear whether or not the underwater scooters had radio contact with each other or with their bases. With possibly no communication capabilities, no armament and weak spots such as an easy to damage scuba gear, UEO underwater scooters seem to be poor patrol/defense vehicles even against divers.

Some underwater scooters use an external compressor floating above water for replenishing air constantly.[1] It is unknown whether or not UEO underwater scooters use a similar technology.

While such vehicles are called "underwater scooters"[2]; these UEO vehicles were not named on screen. Other names used for similar craft are; "Breathing Observation Bubble"s[3], "Motorised Scuba Bike"s[4] and "personal subs".

It's unknown if UEO underwater scooters were still in use in late 2020's and early 2030's during the rise of the Macronesian Alliance.


Several UEO Underwater Scooters were seen in the SeaQuest DSV second season episode "Daggers".