Dr. Perry
Dr. Perry
First Appearance Brave New World
Last Appearance Weapons Of War
Portrayed by Karen Fraction
Born Unknown

Dr. Perry was the third chief medical officer in the series (the second on seaQuest II). She was played by Karen Fraction.


When seaQuest returned to Earth in 2032 after mysteriously disappearing ten years earlier, Dr. Wendy Smith was among the casualties suffered in the Hyperion Civil War the seaQuest was forced into in 2022. With no chief medical officer, Dr. Perry signed aboard the ship as Smith's replacement.[1]

During her time on the ship she performed several important tasks that saved countless lives. Dr. Perry and Ensign Wolenczak were able to synthesize a cure for a mutated viral strain that threatened the crew of seaQuest.[2] When the ship was thrown back in time to October 1962, Dr. Perry attempted to treat a man who had suffered extreme radiation poisoning from nuclear fallout. Unfortunately, the man was so highly radiated that she could not even hold his hand as he died.[3]


Dr. Perry was portrayed by actress Karen Fraction. With the shows shift to more military based story lines the networks desire to reduce the number of main characters the part of Dr. Perry, who was in 8 out of the 13 episodes of the final season, was only credited as a recurring character. Like J.J. Fredericks her first name is unknown. It was stated by Capt. Hudson that he wouldn't allow civilians to serve on seaQuest, due to the ships now military nature, meaning Dr. Perry was military although her rank was never stated.


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