Miguel Ortiz
Senior Chief Petty Officer Miguel Ortiz
First Appearance To Be Or Not To Be (09/12/1993)
Last Appearance By production order: Splashdown (05/21/1995)
By broadcast order: Blindsided (09/13/1995)
Creator Rockne S. O'Bannon
Portrayed by Marco Sanchez
Born March 3, 1992
Death May 14, 2022

Miguel Ortiz (played by Marco Sanchez) was a member of seaQuest's original crew under Captain Stark. After she was relieved of duty, he stayed on, serving again under Nathan Bridger's command.


As the Sensor Chief, Ortiz was responsible for controlling the boat's WSKRs (Wireless Sea Knowledge Retrieval Satellites) and was also involved in various away missions. He could understand Spanish and had a knowledge of Greek mythology, particularly that of Atlantis.

Like Dr. Smith, it is assumed that Ortiz was killed in action while the crew was trapped on Hyperion.


Marco Sanchez portrayed Ortiz during the first and second season of the show. He requested to remain for the third season, but was ultimately let go after NBC decided to lower the cast number. The character that ultimately became Ortiz underwent 2 radical changes before becoming what it did. First he was a man named Drew and then was changed to being the son of a rich Vietnamese family named Ngyuen Ky (possibly the inspiration for William Shan) before settling on making him Cuban, the name originally being Mundo Ortiz.[1]


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