Mason Freeman
Mason Freeman
First Appearance In The Company Of Ice And Profit
Last Appearance Reunion
Portrayed by Ralph Wilcox
Born Unknown

Mason Freeman is Larry Deon's right-hand man and hired assassin. He was played by Ralph Wilcox.


Freeman is more aggressive, ruthless, and in many ways, more cunning than his boss is. Larry ordered him to capture Captain Hudson and hold him hostage to further ensure that an iceberg in the Weddell Sea would not be destroyed by seaQuest. Hudson was able to overpower Freeman, but rather than send him to a UEO prison, he ordered Freeman sent back to Deon, to tell Larry that while he sent his best man, Hudson sent him right back.[1]

Mason was later sent to sabotage the OmniPacific underwater train in order to keep Deon International's air travel services number one in long-distance traveling. Mason's efforts were thorough, but Lucas Wolenczak was able to safely stop the train and save the passengers. Freeman, however, was able to escape.[1]

Apparently not on speaking terms with Larry, Freeman shot his boss after Captain Hudson had arrested him, in order to stop Larry from testifying about the plot to assassinate Secretary General McGath. Freeman was immediately arrested.[2] He was eventually turned over to the local government for prosecution and was sent to a work prison in the Tartarus Federation.[3]

Freeman, and Jason Pardee, a former love of Lieutenant Henderson, were able to escape prison and held a science team hostage in exchange for their own freedom. Freeman was also able to take Lucas and Henderson prisoner after they were sent over to the science station under the pretense of assistance. Plotting to kill Lucas to send a message to Captain Hudson, Henderson, Lucas, and the science team were able to escape. While Jason Pardee was killed at the hands of Henderson, Freeman seemed to disappear. As the seaQuest futility tries to find him, he happily rolls along the ocean floor in an underwater tank, singing to himself in contentment.[3]


Mason Freeman was portrayed by actor Ralph Wilcox. He had previously appeared in the season two episode "When We Dead Awaken" as a hired killer who tried to kill Alison Brody, the mother of Lieutenant James Brody. Whether or not they were intended to be the same character was never stated, although they had a similar attitude/personality.


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