Larry Deon
Larry Deon
First Appearance In The Company Of Ice And Profit
Last Appearance Brainlock
Portrayed by Tim DeKay
Born Unknown

Larry Deon was a recurring villain introduced in the final season of seaQuest and was portrayed by actor Tim DeKay.


A business tycoon who was the founder and chairman of Deon International, the largest supplier of most of the world's goods and resources. Deon International also operated restaurant chains, military development groups, and major sports franchises, such as the "Deon Demons". Deon, who "sold IBM off at a yard sale when he was 24", sought to conglomerate his empire with the entire world market, making Deon International "the only game in town." As manufacturer of the, state of the art Lysander-class subfigher (high speed submersibles capable of engagements at speeds up to 300 knots), Deon International was able to neatly furnish Macronesia with their underwater war machines.

When Deon International's underwater manufacturing raised ocean temperatures causing an iceberg the size of New England to shear off a glacier in the Weddell Sea, Larry placed a group of Macronesian refugees on the iceberg in order to prevent seaQuest from destroying it. If left untouched, the iceberg would have impacted the Saudi Desert, which when melted, would flood the desert, allowing Deon International to purify the run-off and corner the market on the world's first fresh water supply. However, Larry failed to realize that a former member of the ‘'seaQuest’’ crew, Lieutenant Ben Krieg, was leading the refugees. Lucas was able to convince Krieg to order his followers off the iceberg and onto ‘‘seaQuest’’ that could then safely destroy the iceberg.[1]

A major player in the airplane business as well, Deon International attempted to sabotage the revolutionary "OmniPacific", an underwater train that would have drawn business away from Deon's airports. However, thanks to Lucas' efforts, the train was safely brought to a halt and the passengers remained uninjured.[2]

Larry would soon conspire with President Bourne's attempt to assassinate Secretary General McGath in order to abolish the UEO. Captain Hudson was able to stop him and planned to bring him to justice, but before he could say anything, Mason Freeman, Deon's former right-hand man, shot him to prevent Larry from incriminating himself, the company or President Bourne. While he was seriously injured, Deon was not killed. He remained in a coma.[3]


Larry Deon was portrayed by actor Tim DeKay. In a draft for the unproduced and unfinished episode "Depths Of Depict" he would have returned, but it is not stated how he would have avoided his legal trouble from his failed assassination attempt of Secretary General McGath.


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