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"Knight of Shadows"
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Knight of Shadows is a "haunted house" episode of SeaQuest. It is notable among the series for being based primarily around paranormal concepts like ghosts instead of raw science. Traditional sailors' superstitions and rituals feature heavily in the episode.


Bridger is awoken in the middle of the night by a malfunctioning Professor spouting out a seemingly random series of navigational instructions. After being flung across his cabin by a mysterious unseen force, Bridger decides to follow the Professor's mysterious directions.

The SeaQuest subsequently encounters the sunken wreckage of the long-lost RMS George, an ill-fated ocean liner that sank in roughly the same era as the Titanic. Remarkably, the sunken wreckage seems to still have pockets of air within it's structure. Even more remarkably, the ship seems to still have power and working lights.

A boarding party, lead by Bridger, goes across to explore the remarkable discovery, but they quickly find more then they bargained for as it soon becomes apparent that the souls who went down with the ship continue to wander it's majestic corridors.

In the face of paranormal forces, Nathan must solve the century-old mystery behind the George's sinking in order to get his crew safely back to the SeaQuest.