Air Regeneration Station

Australian Air Regeneration Station

New England Air Regeneration Station

New England Air Regeneration Station

Congo Region Air Regeneration Station

Congo Region Air Regeneration Station

Air Regeneration Stations (ARS) are atmosphere processors which produce oxygen to keep earth's atmosphere breathable. They are also called "Air Regeneration Plant"s and "Regeneration Air Exchange"s.


During the "Dark Age of Genetics"; to ensure that survivors of nuclear and chemical wars could survive; oxygen regeneration technology is developed by the military and several Air Regeneration Stations were build around the globe. While the earth's atmosphere is not destroyed by wars, all rain forests on the planet were clear cut in 2010's. During this period a planet wide atmospheric regeneration system is build with additional stations. One of these stations, the Congo station was constructed in 2014 following the clear cutting of the equatorial African rain forests.

In 2021, after the plankton died off after beta-nine toxic spill, 10 air regeneration stations were producing the oxygen which kept the planet's air breathable. While the ARS system was considered to be a supplement to the normal generation of breathable oxygen by the Earth's ecosystems; destruction of 4 largest stations would drop the oxygen levels of earth's atmosphere to 8%. Such a drop would kill all humans except the G.E.L.F.'s.

The same year, G.E.L.F. rebels used The Ronald Reagan Memorial Space Base to destroy 3 air regeneration stations, including New England Air Regeneration Station and Congo Region Air Regeneration Station.

Behind The Scenes

Air Regeneration Stations are seen in the SeaQuest DSV second season episode "Daggers".